Eco Utensils and Straw Set

Eat, drink and be earth friendly! Keep single-use plasticware and straws out of landfills with this limited-edition set. The Eco Utensils are a great way to reduce you and your family’s reliance on single-use plastic. Made from plant-based materials, these forks, spoons and knives are perfect for every setting. The food-grade Silicone Straw is extra-wide, making it perfect for thicker treats and beverages. Set comes in a handy drawstring bag.

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1 each of fork, knife, spoon, straw and bag

Forks: 17.6 cm x 2.9 cm / 6.9″ x 1.1″

Knives: 19.4 cm x 2 cm / 7.6″ x 0.8″

Spoons: 17.6 cm x 3.6 cm / 6.9″ x 1.4″

Straw: 25.4 cm long x 1.1 cm diameter / 10″ long x .43″ diameter

Bag: 30 cm x 7 cm / 11.8″ x 2.7″

Eco Utensils and Straw Set


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