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Norwex Specials September 2020 – Order Online

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Norwex specials September 2020 Canada are found at as soon as Norwex launches them for sale. Order this special online today. For the month of September 2020, this terrific collection of Norwex products will get your dishes sparkling clean and ready for the next kitchen adventure. It contains an UltraZyme™ Dishwasher Powder, Rinse Aid Plus and a pack of two SpiriSponge.

Norwex Specials September 2020
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UltraZyme™ Dishwasher Powder

PROBLEM : While family dinners around the table are wonderful, there’s usually a load of plates, glasses and utensils—not to mention dirty pots and pans— for the dishwasher after the meal. And doing a dishwasher-load every day or two could have an impact on your family’s health and the environment.

SOLUTION: UltraZyme Dishwasher Powder is a powerful, enzyme-based detergent that gets your dishes clean and sparkling without harmful chemicals. This dual-action enzyme formula also does double-duty by cleaning your machine—keeping your dishwasher in tip-top shape.

Rinse Aid Plus

PROBLEM : Your dishwasher is super-convenient and saves you a lot of time and effort. But sometimes the dishes come out wet and/or spotty and they take forever to dry. Typical rinse aids help, but they can coat your shiny dishes, drinkware and flatware with chemicals.

SOLUTION: Our Rinse Aid Plus naturally combats spotting and filming, leaving your dishes and glassware streak-free and shining. Dishes also dry more effectively and come out gleaming every time!


PROBLEM: Many scrubbers can be hard on pots and pans, causing them to scratch and ruin their finish. Some may also contain toxic soaps or other harsh cleansing agents that can enter waterways.

SOLUTION: The SpiriSponge is safe on most sensitive surfaces and tough enough to handle a variety of cleaning jobs. It contains no cleansing agents to pollute the ecosystem. It’s just pure, eco-friendly scrubbing power.

Norwex Specials September 2020
Click the image to view this great deal

Norwex Specials September 2020 –

Norwex Specials September 2020 – Order Online

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