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The Beginning Of A Norwex Journey

Norwex Canada
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Welcome to the launch of! My name is Kathi and I have been working hard on creating a way to bring Norwex products to Canadians through this site. My local connections with many people that I have made just talking about Norwex inspired me. Cleaning products shouldn’t be full of nasty chemicals! Literally water and a cloth is all you need!

Norwex has given me a terrific opportunity to create a work from home environment that I wanted to share with everyone across Canada.

Raising two boys has been an adventure to say the least. Wanting to give them a clean home to grow up in, I luckily discovered Norwex and their amazing line of products available in Canada. Through this site you can browse all Norwex products, rate them and perhaps leave a comment about your experience with them.

I encourage you to join my newsletter (available at the bottom of every page). I intend to keep all my members up to date with current specials and sales available. I also will be holding contests on CleanerHome where you can win free Norwex products! Stay connected and join today.

You can contact me at any time and I will try my best to answer any questions.

Thanks for visiting and remember to check back frequently for new contests and product updates.

Let’s get shopping!

The Beginning Of A Norwex Journey

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